Erinveine Zhan

callname: Zhan
whelped: 09 September 2006
gender: male
breeder: Dr H & Miss J Irving
owner: Miss RL Carnegie, Australia
registration number: 3100175819
sire: AuCH Abbyford Taw (UK)
dam: NZCH AuCH Taniwha Wainui (impNZ)

Official health screening results


Homozygous normal – clear both parents are PDP1def clear


AuCH Abbyford Taw (UK) Sedgehurst Hawkridge Scherzando Old Peculiar
Sedgehurst Damascuss
Abbyford Celebration Kiss UKShCH Tmaufield Humdinger
Abbyford Chamomile
NZCH AuCH Taniwha Wainui (impNZ) AuCH AuGrandCH NZCH Erinveine Nottingham Lad AuCH USCH CaCH SeCH SeV-01 Clussexx Life Down Under (impUSA)
AuCH Erinveine Flying Colours
AuCH NZCH Erinveine Keys to Thcity AuCH Erinveine Union Jack
Erinveine Ballad


no wins are recorded here as the records from ANZ Results currently don’t reach this far back or the dog has not been entered on that database



there are no progeny on the Erinveine database as yet

Siblings (same parents!) of AuCH Erinveine Zhan

AuCH Erinveine Zala
Erinveine Zami
AuCH Erinveine Zeroud
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