Is a Clumber

the right dog for you? 

Not everyone is suited to having a dog, not everyone is suited to a Clumber. Let’s review your expectations and the chances a Clumber will be a good choice for you.
If you are allergic to dogs, this is not the breed for you.

In summary, can you

  • Exercise his body and soul?
  • Groom him regularly?
  • Ensure he has company for most of the time?
  • Ensure he has a cool place to live?
  • Vacuum your house?


Clumbers excel and bond best in smaller groups, they are a ‘kennel’ breed but in a large groups just become one of a big group. If you have lots of dogs, the Clumber is not going to be your best choice. If you are thinking of a single Clumber you need to make up for the lack of a canine companion.

While a Clumber has a deep and resonate bark and would probably fly out at an obvious intruder threatening you, he is not an attack or guard breed, his underlying nature is to love his family and actually keep away from aggressive strangers.

The Clumber has white hair, it will show up markedly in your house and on your clothingif you don’t groom him regualrly, ensure he is on a good diet, stress him, and you don’t clean your house often enough.


The Clumber is a very versatile breed and the gleaming white coat cleans easily and quickly! However, it also looks hideously dirty in a very short time if he is in mud or damp and in dust.
Most of the breed adore being at shows, but that may not be evident during judging. The ones we have taken into obedience and other trials have come to love those sports as they get the drift of the greater concept.
They are very easy to train, but only with positive reinforcement and quiet methods. Most will also learn things by observing other dogs doing the ‘something’.

The Clumber is not a natural for agility, jumping, flyball, or lure coursing but some have done very well in these sports.

The Clumber is a natural for any nosework sports such as racking and scentworks.


you should understand …

The Clumber is not a racing machine, although he enjoys short bursts of zip and zoom, he is better suited for steady regular going. He has a lot of muscle mass and heavy bone so needs sensible and breed-appropriate exercise and diet throughout his life.

His heavier physique means he will feel the heat, his desire to find out more things means he may not moderate his own pace in the heat and when excited, this is your responsibility.

The Clumber has an easy care coat but that coat needs to be combed through and the excess length in feathering and around his feet needs to be trimmed back. He adores his parent doing this way more than being bundled off to a professional. His coat is adapted to the English climate, it may suit owners in climates unlike that to opt to clip off the whole coat but this has its own consequences. We are reluctant to sell Clumber to high humidity areas.