Clumbers are the sole dedication of the Erinveine Kennel, where we proudly move with the times and adopted proven best knowledge based practices. Our website contains a wealth of information and thousands of photos of many of the dogs we have been so lucky to share our lives with. Please use the menus above or check below our intro photo for more.

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Ch Erinveine Jester on the cover of Dog News Australia May 2017 – click for larger image

Ch Erinveine Jester, Jan Irving, and Ch Erinveine In Running Shoes
August 2016
photo Y Kyriacou

Experience has moulded our protocols and practices.

We are passionate about Clumbers, passionate about breeding great characters with excellent health and long lived … sometimes, of course, Mother Nature can throw a curve ball, but that is no reason not to think about the outcome and the causes and get on with our responsbility to this enchanting breed.

Soundness of conformation and temperament are integral to breed type and vitality, all are core components in our selection process.

Just because we bred a dog is not qualification in our eyes to show or breed it.

We show regularly but not all the time, as such, we currently are not submitting results for pointscores,
BUT, our main wins are listed via our dog’s biographies.

Our show dogs and those we choose to breed MUST meet our ever rising expectations in

  • soundness of conformation,
  • temperament,
  • suitable working coat without excess length, easy care
  • quality of movement
  • and
  • overall breed type
  • and conceivably work in heavy low lying growth with the ability to clamber over logs, dive under logs, work in heavy undergrowth without ploughing in a freeway for vermin to decimate the game population, climb river banks, carry found game, seek out hiding game, tirelessly day after day without causing injury to the dog or the vegetation he is worked in.

In most cases we

  • breed a female only once, breed a male not more than twice and quite often once only; these are the recommendations of scientists interested in improving the genetic health of dog breeds by avoiding ‘popular sire’ syndrome, or dominating the population with very few family groups and low genetic options
  • we keep the Co-efficient of Inbreeding under 6% over 5 generations (Swedish recommendations)
  • we have foregone holidays for decades now to allow us to be able to import new bloodlines

We are happy to work in partnership with dedicated people who are interested in breeding better Clumbers, please contact Jan.