What is a Clumber Spaniel …


Is distinctive from other spaniels by being heavy and low set, and always has a white coat. They are the most demur of the spaniel family but have a fun-loving sense of life and adventure.


The adult Clumber male should weigh about 32kg and be about  50cm at the shoulder. The girls weigh less and are not as tall.

The Clumber appears long in body but that mostly is an illusion created by the short, thick legs of the breed. This heavy bone takes a while to develop and breed appropriate diet and exercise should be adopted during growth.


The Clumber is always white, with varying amounts of markings on the face and body. These come in two basic hues of ‘lemon’ a very light almost yellow patch, or the “orange” a redder brown.

Their nature can be affected by how they are raised and interacted with. Overall, Clumbers are noted for their reliable and generous natures. They have long memories and dislike and quietly rebel against training that involves jerking and yelling. They excel when trained with respect and gentle reassurance and positive methods. The limit in their capacity is the limit within their trainer.


you should know …

The Clumber is not a noisy or guard/attack breed, but they can bark and are usually quite aware of changes in their local environment.

The coat is actually very easy to keep clean.

The Clumber have a lifespan of 10 to 12 years, although some die before reaching that age and some many years after.

The Clumber enjoys free running exercise in safe places and also the opportunity for long walks and hiking with owners.

What else should you know about Clumbers?

They moult! The coat has two layers, the resilient silky outer coat and a soft downy-like undercoat.  The Clumber has two major sheddings of coat a year, the heavier shed is in summer. Many owners in the modern world notice small hair loss throughout the year and as it is white coat it will show up on most surfaces. The impact of this is stemmed by regular grooming, exercise, and not stressing the do, and, of course, someone has already invented the vacuum cleaner to make house cleaning very easy., so groom your dog and clean your house regularly.

Slobber? Some owners remark on slobber, this is not something Erinveine see in their dogs. However, that may be a combination of climate, lifestyle, diet, as well as genetics.

Other issues? Health and structural issues are discussed in the Buyer’s Guide