Clussexx Life Down Under

callname: Sid
whelped: 07 November 1996
gender: male
breeder: Haverick Johnson Stockill
owner: Haverick & Johnson, United States
registration number: SN412248/02
sire: USCH CaCH First Dawn at Tavirosh (impUK) USJH USWD USCGC USTD1
dam: USCH CaCH Tanelorns Foolin Around
died: 20 February 2008 immediate cause of death: underlying causes: He was doing very well until about three weeks ago when he started to feel ill and stopped eating. None of the tests we did on him showed anything in particular but he continued to decline until last week when he stopped eating completely. I’m sure ther

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Sid’s USA home page

Official health screening results


OFA hips total grade: Good


Homozygous normal – clear reported by Jeane Haverick public Clumber lists 30-11-05


USCH CaCH First Dawn at Tavirosh (impUK) USJH USWD USCGC USTD1 Belcrum Golden Pheasant at Tavirosh Belcrum Ruffian’s Rant
Tavirosh Emerald Green
Dawn Dancer Acredale Acclaim to Fame
Tioga Molly Moonraker
USCH CaCH Tanelorns Foolin Around USCH Smokerise Country Gentleman USCH Sandiams Virginia Gentleman
Smoke Rise Soft and Pretty
CaCH Tanelorn’s Maggie Muggins CaTT USCH Davendan’s Go Get Murphy
Sandiams Sagittarius


no wins are recorded here as the records from ANZ Results currently don’t reach this far back or the dog has not been entered on that database



Progeny of AuCH USCH CaCH SeCH SeV-01 Clussexx Life Down Under (impUSA)

SEShCH Sugar Loaf Yellowstone
AuCH Erinveine Oak
Erinveine Ollerton
Erinveine Olympic Way
Erinveine Osberton
Erinveine Oxton
AuCH Erinveine Naval Salute
AuCH AuGrandCH NZCH Erinveine Nottingham Lad
AuCH Erinveine Lone Piper
AuCH AuGrandCH Erinveine Judge
AuCH Erinveine Jury

there are no siblings/same way bred dogs on the Erinveine database as yet