continued from part 9

Our dogs are

  • permanently identified,
  • not docked, and
  • have not had front dewclaws removed,
  • registered purebred Clumbers, transfer form will be signed and given to the buyer for Australian residents and for overseas residents the transfer will be applied for with our controlling body (this includes the application for the export certificate/pedigree), and
  • received a course as specified by the manufacturer for cover against distemper, parvo & hepatitis — otherwise they are as you find them.

We supply dogs we consider fit and healthy, and strongly urge you to carefully follow our recommendations. Those buyers who have done so have reported extremely few problems or disappointments with their purchases from us.

Buyers should be fully aware these are living creatures needing to be nurtured, they are not mechanical items requiring a simple grease and oil change every few “hours”, but even such equipment runs best when the recommended grease and oil is used and used at the appropriate and regular intervals!

We do sell both male and female dogs; but be aware we breed firstly to meet our own requirements, surplus is sold and we have not mastered the technique for determining how many of which sex are born!