continued from part 13

We can give you our current recommended (recommendation comes only through successful previous transactions) freight agents so you can obtain your own freight quotes, we reserve the right not to use your nominated freight agent if we have bad previous experiences as we place our dog’s well being foremost.

Some information which may be required to obtain a freight quote:

  1. dog’s call or pet name if known
  2. our name as the sellers
  3. age (eg 5 months)
  4. sex
  5. approximate weight (eg 5 mths 15-20kg; adult bitch 27-30kg)
  6. approximate “Domestic Crate Size” (eg 5 mths size 4/PP50; adult size 5)
  7. departure is from Melbourne Airport
  8. generally I am happy to take domestic (within Australia) travellers to the airport terminal if drop off is late morning to mid afternoon, I have to cross Melbourne and peak hour traffic is a horror/ for international travellers there will be added trips to vets for tests, and inspection, if your agent uses The Ultimate Vet then I can travel back and forth there easily and we can arrange a pickup/drop off for the final leg
  9. you need to advise the destination!