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PURCHASE PRICE, ETC  In a nutshell, our prices are now online because other breeders seem to think they know what we charge!

A puppy 5 to about 14 months old from us is usually AUD$4500-

If you choose to buy from elsewhere and the puppy is not as old and has not had its adult vaccination or any degree of proper dog socialization then it should not cost as much. If it is equal or higher, then ask why the price is that high without the extra costs of vet vaccinations, feeding, care, and time placed into socialization and basic training? Erinveine has invested way more then other breeders in importing, health screening, and researching bloodlines … which all add to the $ cost.

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We do not charge a high price for our puppies, as any one can tell you there are considerable costs in maintaining a healthy and fit individuals and in raising litters. A lot of this cost, of course, has been in importing new bloodlines but also health testing and research. If we don’t charge more than this for a 5 month old puppy why would you pay more for a younger pup? … I can’t imagine!

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Purebred prices now are often much lower than crossbred and ‘designer’ dogs. Oodle ‘breeds’ (Dollar-doodles) and designer breeds are bred solely to sell to the public and represent an opportunity for the producer to make money, they are designed to make oodles of money for the producer. Producers in this niche come and go, offer a variety of crossbreeds, some even tie owners to returning their purchased girls to have litter after litter with no compensation to the purchaser of that girl and poor regard to the mental and physical health of that girl. They are not an attempt to preserve the work of generations of breeders and fabulous breeds that can fill just about every niche the human race can want.