ERINVEINE (pronounced erin-veen) was established in the 1940s as a kennel of Irish Setters by David Irving. He introduced Clumbers in 1958 and we have not been without them since, although the last Irish Setter died in the 1970s. The kennel has also enjoyed the company of the Labrador Retriever, English Springer Spaniel and Irish Water Spaniel breeds.

We have bred several all breeds Best in Show winning Clumbers and of course numerous champions.

Our achievements in the past and our commitment to the breed in the future probably entitles us to charge a premium over other breeders; however, you will find our prices are more than competitive and realistic when you consider the extra time and experience we contribute to our puppies which are not sold under 4.5 months, when most people sell at a mere 8 weeks of age.

Clumbers are social beings and their heritage dictates they are pack dogs and we have found by allowing them to grow up through their formative months with their litter mates they are stronger, healthier and more mentally mature when they leave home.

Our aim is to breed strong and healthy Clumbers for many years to come, not to breed a litter to satisfy a mothering need or justify keeping a dog entire.

We choose our breeding stock carefully and take extra care and time in raising our pups, and spend a considerable amount of time informing ourselves about dog behaviour, dog breeding, dog raising, and the Clumber’s heritage.

Avoid puppy scammers (people advertising puppies with other people’s photos without permission) who ask for the purchase price or deposits and payment for freight). You know you are buying from Erinveine when you join the newsletter and once there are dogs available and have completed more questionnaires and informal online interviews (buyers can be scammers too!) then a sub-newsletter is established.

We do not ask for deposits.

And you pay the freight company directly.

You will have to be patient in your wait for a Clumber within Australia, and that applies to buying from us too.