We do NOT routinely offer dogs at stud.

Nor will a dog be offered under private treaty if we have plans to breed from that dog.

We would never consider making available at stud a dog that has not had a successful litter.

To avoid the sin of modern dog breeding of using one sire too often which reduces the diversity and quality of the breed’s genepool we do not plan to produce more then two litters per male (depending on numbers of puppies produced).

“WHY? Why won’t you share?” We do SHARE, we routinely offer dogs and puppies for sale.

But why not at stud, “I don’t have room for a dog as well as a bitch” … well why are you breeding? Every litter we breed is to produce our next generation, and while we can do this, we will continue to produce our next generation. We have a deep seated and ongoing plan to improve the Clumber and we do this best by undertaking the breeding ourselves, and offering dogs for sale.

We have carefully situated ourselves so we can keep our old girls and lads and have the occasional litter, this way we can prove to ourselves how the breeding dogs live throughout their lives.

Do we have banked semen or are we willing to bank? As of writing, no we don’t. It is expensive, it is unreliable, it is costly (did I mention that, we have have lost thousands of dollars over the years on imported and local semen). Why would we live in the past? Surely as breeders we should step forward with each generation with even slight improvements in type and health. I would consider banking for our own ‘security’ if I had an exceptional dog that had only produced eight or less puppies already.