This page is provided with the good intention of me keeping it up to date – it may not be up to date – so please excuse me!

What is certain is that any news of upcoming litters or an older dog being availble is published in the Erinveine email magazine, and only after it has been published there will I think about placing that information on this page..

applying here will ensure you are notified of any dogs that are for sale or ready for placement
the application to subscribe to the Erinveine email magazine involves a short questionnaire, this is the old form which was designed for buyers, if the questions are not relevant to you at this stage just say “n/a”



  • I don’t always list dogs for sale publicly—please join the Erinveine email magazine  and you will get the ‘first’ notice of any dogs available or that maybe available, because updating this page is the second or third job when making these announcements, and I do forget!
  • ANKC regulations require all ANKC affiliate members offering dogs for sale to say
    Please contact Dogs Victoria on email: to verify my membership (Dogs Victoria is an affiliate of Australian National Kennel Council) membership details are Dr H & Miss J Irving 3008660220)
  • Victoria state laws require ALL pet sellers in this state to have a source number: our source number is RB100222 first granted in 2019 at the inception of the scheme


  • I don’t always list litters due/born publicly so please join the Erinveine email magazine and don’t miss out on any news!
  • I am currently consulting with breeding partners and reviewing options for 2021and 2022


HOW TO CONTACT ME ABOUT DOGS FOR SALE please check here; but note you will need to complete the questionnaire that subscribes you to the Erinveine email magazine (subscription is free and you can unsubscribe at anytime) before I will consider you as an owner

WHAT YOU WILL NEED TO TELL ME! OK, these dogs aren’t just going to be sold or placed ‘anywhere’ – I will want to know what experience you have had with dogs, what happened to those dogs, what your current living situation is, what happens if you have to ‘give up’ the dog, if you have enough reserves in case of massive veterinary bills (they only ever come in one size these bills, BIG!). What your training concepts are, etc! And I will want to see photos of your past dogs and current dogs and living environment.

WANT TO KNOW MORE ABOUT BUYING FROM US? Here is an extensive array of short articles covering all sorts of relevant topics.