We take our responsibilities to the health and care of the Clumber Spaniel exceptionally seriously and based on sound, proven practices. We were instrumental in our local club adopting a stringent Code of Practice which we recommend any owner or breeder of Clumber Spaniels adopt.

  • Clumber Spaniel League Victoria’s Code of Practice

Jan Irving belongs to the following clubs:

  • Clumber Spaniel League Victoria
  • Clumber Spaniel Club (UK)
  • Working Clumber Spaniel Society (UK)


Let me add: I am PASSIONATE about breeding happy and healthy Clumbers to achieve this goal we always adopt current scientifically based breeding practices.

In recent years that has meant contributing samples to enable ALL breeders to screen for and avoid breeding anymore Clumbers with PDP1 deficiency, screening and proving ALL our breeding stock is clear of the EIC syndrome, randomly screening our breeding stock and pups for hip status and health, breeding to reduce the individual COI on any pup … that means NOT inbreeding closely

(I can’t believe the number of ‘breeders’ that continue to practice this overused technique of close inbreeding, they have been warned by scientists how damaging it will be to the genetic health of any breed and the health of any pups they breed using this procedure if they continue to do this … buyers you should CHOOSE to buy pups only with COIs under 10% at the VERY maximum level, if your choice of breeder does not know the COI on the dog for sale (not its parents) or what it stands for then I can’t suggest you buy from them, I say this to protect your investment and to drive for better outcomes for the breed in general)