Erinveine Gaelic Rose

callname: Gay
whelped: 28 July 2012
gender: female
breeder: Dr H & Miss J Irving
owner: C Walsh, Australia
registration number: 3100277416
sire: AuCH Erinveine Evermore
dam: AuCH Erinveine Deriad Rose

Official health screening results

no tests have been undertaken


AuCH Erinveine Evermore SeV-06 SeV-09 NordV-06 NordShCH USCH AuCH Sugar Loaf Hertig Knut SEShCH Sugar Loaf Yellowstone
SEShCH Clumbrolds Option
AuCH Erinveine Yours Forever AuCH Abbyford Taw (UK)
Erinveine Under Oath
AuCH Erinveine Deriad Rose AuCH AuGrCH Erinveine Veni Vidi Vici AuCH Abbyford Taw (UK)
AuCH Erinveine Quid Pro Quo
AuCH Erinveine Tyntagyl Rose AuCH Tweedsmuir_Tom Cruise (impUK)
AuCH Erinveine Pendragon Rose


no wins are recorded here as the records from ANZ Results currently don’t reach this far back or the dog has not been entered on that database