• COMB or BRUSH at least once each week
  • Trim legs, feet, and the neck under the ear monthly
  • Clean ears fortnightly
  • In all your grooming practices, make allowances for time of year, season of year, environmental conditions, moulting, and your dog’s health!


Grooming equipment and time to do it, I recommend grooming once a week, it is good for your dog and an opportunity for you to bond with your dog and actually check the physical health of your dog. For Clumbers my tool kit is slim, straight edge scissors and thinner scissors about 100 to 150mm long, check with your hairdresser or supplier, a quality chrome wide tooth comb (I love my Spratts brand, you will probbaly have to purchase overseas) and a quality slicker brush, not all slicker brushes are kind, I love my DoggyMan brand medium ones (sometimes available in Australia), and a pair of nail clippers … which if your dog has good feet and you exercise correctly you won’t need except perhaps for the dewclaws. Shampoo … use a mild shampoo or one your seller recommends. Grooming with a slicker and comb and trimming around the feet and ears will reduce the frequency your dog needs to be shampooed. For ear cleaning I use PAW Gentle Ear Cleaner from Blackmores. Teeth are kept neat on the diet and treats I choose to use, but inspect your dog’s teeth regularly to ensure your protocols are also working.