officially recorded

Hip scoring is, however you look at it, far too subjective for a small difference in scores to be of relevance; in fact any score of 18 or under on the BVA scheme could justifiably be called ‘HD free’ as each hip is scored on 9 points and if there is ANY doubt the scorer is obliged to issue a 1.

Under the BVA and associated schemes the lower the score the less evidence of hip dysplasia or associated damage.

The schemes adopted across countries now fall into only a few groups: the British scheme which has been adopted in Australia and New Zealand, the new standardized European scheme, the American OFA scheme and just a sprinkling of other schemes and old scheme scores – however, there is rarely clear correlation across any major schemes.
35 offical results recorded to date for Erinveine bred/owned dogs
this page last updated 14/08/2019
best to worst order
dogage when scoredofficial scorescore scheme
AUGrCh AUCh Erinveine Zou1 years 11 mths0:0=0 BVA scheme
AUCh Erinveine Appraiser2 years 0 mthsexcellent OFA
SECh AUCh Erinveine Writ2 years 6 mths1:1=2 BVA scheme
Erinveine Under Oath 3:0=3 BVA scheme
NZCh AUCh Taniwha Wainui (impNZ) 3:0=3 BVA scheme
AUCh Erinveine Quid Pro Quo 4:0=4 BVA scheme
AUCh Abbyford Rocket (impUK)4 years 3 mths5:0=5 BVA scheme
AUCh Diabf Barmans Supreme3 years 0 mths3:2=5 BVA scheme
Erinveine All Rise1 years 7 mths4:1=5 BVA scheme
AUCh Erinveine Exculpatory8 years 3 mths3:2=5 BVA scheme
AUCh Erinveine Deriad Rose4 years 11 mths4:2=6 BVA scheme
AUCh Erinveine Viva Tanybryn =6 BVA scheme
AUCh Carydan Ciar AURN4 years 8 mths3:4=7 BVA scheme
USCh AUCh CACh SECh Clussexx Life Down Under good OFA
NZCh Erinveine Fellow 3:4=7 BVA scheme
NZCh Erinveine Orator 3:4=7 BVA scheme
AUCh Erinveine Warlock 1:6=7 BVA scheme
AUCh Erinveine Exonerate for Abbyford1 years 5 mths4:4=8 BVA scheme
AUCh Abbyford Taw (UK) 4:5=9 BVA scheme
AUCh Erinveine Noteworthy 6:5=11 BVA scheme
Erinveine Solicitor 6:5=11 BVA scheme
AUCh Leybel Lleyse (impuk) 5:6=11 BVA scheme
AUCh Rambling Rose of Baswei (impNZ) 5:6=11 BVA scheme
AUCh Erinveine Lore1 years 10 mths6:7=13 ANKC-ORCHID (=BVA scoring)
AUCh Erinveine Ever Faithful to Delsaux1 years 7 mths8:7=15 BVA scheme
AUCh Erinveine Game Keeper Rose AURN5 years 7 mths5:10=15 ANKC-ORCHID (=BVA scoring)
Erinveine Yarnspinner fair OFA
AUCh Erinveine Imperial Rose =18 BVA scheme
SECh Nord UCh USCh AUCh CIE Sugar Loaf Hertig Knut1 years 0 mthsB FCI
AUCh Erinveine Arbitrator2 years 7 mths9:10=19 BVA scheme
Erinveine Merit 17:15=32 BVA scheme
NZCh Erinveine Nonsuch 26:10=36 BVA scheme
Erinveine RunUpTheColors D1 D1 FCI
Erinveine W A Sorcery 24:22=46 BVA scheme
AUCh Erinveine Naturally 32:31=63 BVA scheme