Dogs are sentient beings, they need things to occupy them … Clumbers are MASTER CHEWERS, and not so savvy as to what they swallow, never, never, ever leave your dog unsupervised with a toy or a damaged toy … gut obstructions require veterinary invention and are expensive and can be fatal.

Make sure no sticks are lying about, or they may cause the same issues, secure your rubbish, and make sure anything pliable such as electrical cords are not in reach.

Do not feed large or large amounts of bones until you are certain the digestive system of your dog can cope.

Suitable toys for supervised play are Kong EXTREME Medium Kongs (the black ones), may be the Large ones for big Clumbers.

To provide environmental enrichment while you aren’t supervising, establish safe play environments and incorporate variety of surfaces and caves, etc for your dog. Have your dog so he can see what is going on, provided it is not aggravating like people running past or stray cats lingering.


All dogs are exercised by free runs of at least five minutes duration before each of their meals – allow at least five minutes between the free run and feeding.

Our puppies are housed between times, during the day, in 10 x 10 foot (3 x 3 metre) yards in natural shade on green grass, and at night in similar size yards on wooden boards, so they take more unchallenged exercise in this format.

Adults are housed during the day in 30 x 30 foot (9 x 9 metre) yards in natural shade on green grass in pairs or threesomes so take more lightly challenged exercise in this format. At night they are kennelled individually or as pairs in undercover yards with
wooden floors and slightly elevated bedding areas and in the winter with snug bedding as required.


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