A few days with the camera and the dogs free running in the home paddocks this spring gives twelve new photos. As Barbara Irving died recently, we’ve added her Pembroke to our pages.


cover photo Is the super model Ch Erinveine Integrity RN


Featured this year are in month order


  • Ch Erinveine Credence
  • Dygae No More Secrets
  • Ch Carydan Ciar RN (impUK)
  • Ch Erinveine Evermore
  • PolJrCh Ch Genius Loci Kaprys Rejenta RN ET (impPo)
  • Erinveine Nine Genius Tricks
  • Ch Erinveine Joyful Rose RE TK.S ET
  • Ch Erinveine Jester RN
  • Ch Erinveine Knew the Best Tricks RN ET
  • Ch Erinveine Nine Magical Tricks RN
  • Erinveine Proven Integrity
  • Ch Erinveine Integrity RN