Erinveine Clumbers began in 1958 after David Irving chanced upon a Clumber on a veterinary visit to a local farm, he was smitten with this lovely breed. He initially bought a locally bred girl and then within a couple of years imported two dogs from the UK’s famous Thornville Clumbers.

In 1984 David died suddenly and his daughters undertook custodianship of the Erinveine Clumber Spaniels.

The dogs live in lovely rural settings with excellent opportunities for free running twice daily exercise, loving and enjoying outdoor spaces and household living with their families.

We take our responsibilities as breeders and custodians of this breed sincerely and with vigour. We are always reviewing and adopting proven best breeding health checking, selection, and committed to importing compatible bloodlines to ensure our dogs are given the best opportunities. Show wins are not the driving force in our choice of who to breed. Mental ability, soundness of structure, and looking like a Clumber should are the underlying motivations. This leads to remarkable show success and success also in other competitive disciplines, but also so many of our puppies grow up to lead long and healthy lives with their new owners too.

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photo of our first Clumber litter born 1961