What can a Clumber do …


Being heavy set with short legs, the Clumber is not a Greyhound, although he can demonstrate a remarkable turn of speed, just as a rhino or wombat can.

The Clumber Spaniel has the bulk and strength to push through things, the head structure to mean he can excel at scentwork  and tracking, the power to work and play persistently at a steady pace all day long, day after day.


The temperament of a Clumber means he loves being with his person and their family, he enjoys most dogs and many animals as friends. Always just a little reserved when meeting new people, he never forgets a happy and kind soul.


Erinveine Clumbers have trialled and competed in showing, obedience, agility, jumping, tracking, scentwork, and rally. The breed has also been successful in gundog, tricks, dancing, lure coursing, dock diving, and barn hunt.

The Clumber is a very versatile breed and the gleaming white coat cleans easily and quickly!


you should understand …

The Clumber is not a racing machine, although he enjoys short bursts of zip and zoom, he is better suited for steady regular going.

His heavier physique means he will feel the heat, his desire to find out more things means he may not moderate his own pace in the heat and when excited, this is your responsibility.

The Clumber naturally excels at using his nose. He was even one of the first two breeds used to track a murderer.