In 2018, Erinveine Clumbers celebrated 60 years with this fabulous breed. Having committed to editing World of Clumbers and starting to trial in Rally O, I did not have time to organize anything special in 2018.

the cover photo is of Barbara Irving and daughter Helen Irving with our first Clumber litter – born in 1961

So, to celebrate our 60 years I have now put together together a FREE PDF full colour book, featuring:

  • 60 thank yous we must share
  • 60 highlights of the Erinveine Clumber experience
  • 60 informative quotes
  • 60 of Jan’s favourite Clumbers from across all time that Erinveine are not closely involved with
  • 60 Clumber Spaniel facts
  • 60 facts about Clumber the name and the places

It is about 5MB in size, and read only – no printing allowed