A Clumber should never be awkward or cumbersome. A healthy and well constructed Clumber has a turn of speed that will surprise even those who have been involved with the breed for years.
We always look for a very well angulated dog, rear and fore, with a clean head, eyes showing very little haw, very well muscled, with an easy care coat. They must demonstrate natural scent tracking ability, a keenness to penetrate heavy cover, not necessarily a love of water but an acceptance of the medium. Ear shape, carriage and placement are as important as neck to body proportions and also excellent angulation and a low set tail carried about level with the topline. Flagging while on scent is only natural and an aid to the handler. Piddle paddle movement is not tolerated, only strong and even-flowing action can be of any use to the working dog. The top quality Clumber will demonstrate this in the hindquarters with thorough and deep drive from well under the body, together with a light and clean, far reaching forward flow of the forelimb. Such a dog can turn to work without any trouble.

Jan & Helen Irving in The Aristocrat of Spaniels 1996