Erinveine Mark My Words

callname: Thomas
whelped: 26 May 1999
gender: male
breeder: Dr H & Miss J Irving
owner: D Whitton, Australia
registration number: 3100043770
sire: AuCH AuGrandCH Erinveine Judge
dam: AuCH Erinveine Doubtless
died: 02 April 2003 immediate cause of death: cancer – leukaemia underlying causes: none – very sudden onset – a week from symptons to death

Official health screening results

no tests have been undertaken


AuCH AuGrandCH Erinveine Judge AuCH USCH CaCH SeCH SeV-01 Clussexx Life Down Under (impUSA) USCH CaCH First Dawn at Tavirosh (impUK) USJH USWD USCGC USTD1
USCH CaCH Tanelorns Foolin Around
AuCH Erinveine Charter AuCH Erinveine Union Jack
Erinveine Tatler
AuCH Erinveine Doubtless Erinveine X Ocourse AuCH Erinveine Privilege
Erinveine Standstoreason
AuCH Erinveine Pageant AuCH Erinveine Nonetheless
AuCH Leybel Lleyse (impUK)

Major Wins in Australia/New Zealand
Erinveine Mark My Words

  2000-09-09 MURRUMBURRAH/HARDEN AG SHOW SOC gp: MRS K LAMB (N)    (all breeds CH; entry 390)MINOR PUPPY IN GROUP
  2000-01-29 TARAGO & DIST SHOW SOC INC gp: MR W WESTON (A)    (all breeds CH; entry 538)
  2000-02-05 BERRY SHOW SOC INC gp: MR G FORSYTH (N)    (all breeds CH; entry 521)
  2000-02-06 NOWRA & DIST KC INC gp: MRS S BOWNDS (N)    (all breeds CH; entry 478)
  2000-02-12 CROOKWELL A P & H SOC INC gp: MRS P E SMITH (N)    (all breeds CH; entry 471)

  1999-11-14 CAMPBELLTOWN & DIST ALL BREEDS gp: MISS R KNOX (N)    (all breeds CH; entry 0)


Some snippets from Thomas’s diary and life


Dear Jan,

Sorry to email you, but we are all way too upset to phone at the moment.

On Wednesday, Thomas had to be euthanased.

Last Friday I had Thomas entered in his last night obedience trial. He was a tad bit flatter all day than usual (which is saying something for Thomas, Mr. Casual !). I travelled with my friend Narelle, whom Thomas adores, but she only received a luke warm welcome, so I had mentioned to her his flatness and didn’ t like our chances tonight.

Well when we got there he was ok, but again that word flat. Couldn’ t warm him up with his favourite two food game before we went in the ring. After about five seconds I could see it was not going to be tonight, and apologised to the judge and stewards and left the ring.

I wasn’t cross with him, because I said to Narelle I think something is wrong and if he doesn’ t improve tomorrow I will take him to the Vets. Offered him dinner at the show and he didn’ t knock it back. I was mainly hoping he didn’t have his nose out of joint about the pup etc.

Well the next day still flat and knocked back a wee breakfast. So straight to the Vets. The previous days his motions had been a bit loose and his temperature was up so a diagnosis of Gastroenteritis was made. Straight onto high dosage antibiotics and a couple of injections to make him feel better. So later that day and Sunday he was a little brighter.

Come Monday very very flat and not interested in a little bit of rice with chicken. Back to the Vets. His temperature was even higher than before and so a blood test was taken and poorly feeling Thomas was left at the Vets. Later he was placed on a drip because he brought up food and medication.

Unbelievably he just went down like a ton of bricks. According to the laboratory the blood results shouted Leukaemia.
There was no question of even arranging further treatment (chemo), by Wednesday he was so so sick. He was vomiting up some nasty looking stuff and had bloody diarrhoea and his temperature was through the roof. The Vets had Thomas on pain relief but a decision had to be made.

We are all still in shock and am very sorry to have to send you this devastating email. I will call soon. Deb and Baz


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