continued from part 10

There are few Clumbers in Australia so it has fallen on us to introduce new bloodlines which is a costly venture. We also maintain a large kennel, comprising our show and breeding stock but also young hopefuls and golden oldies.

May be you would like to help the Clumber breed too but are unable to establish or maintain a scheme such as we currently have.

For that reason have you considered providing a loving home for a retiree or non competition standard Clumber? Our breeding programme is, of course, limited by space and we sometimes decide to offer for sale an older dog for no other reason then to make room for the next generation.

We do not offer for sale puppies under 4 months of age, we are not puppy farmers and take pride in our stock and the raising techniques we use. Many people today have not had the opportunity to raise puppies so we like to get the youngsters past their vaccinations and most rapid growth (and destructive!) periods before the busy new owner has to cope. Besides which taking a puppy at this age there are only two meals a day to consider!