continued from part four

We NEVER use commercial dog food. Our diets are supplied in detail to our buyers and the rationale is given in The Puppy Book. The commercial diets available at the time we decided to change to “fresh is best” did not yield as good results and being more than delighted with our current methods we have not been inclined to try commercial dog food since.

We strongly urge and recommend you stick with the diets detailed in information supplied with your new dog, these have been proven to give excellent results, which cannot be said of many other diets buyers have tried over the years.

We do not suggest you try to “improve” or compromise on the diets given. The diets were developed after many years experience and with reference to the American standards and research reviews. The Puppy Book is available free of charge to our buyers, while it is in print.

If changing to a commercial dog food please have the sense to introduce it carefully and any dry material should be fully soaked.