continued from part 8

Clumbers are particularly scarce in Australia, but also enjoy limited numbers throughout the world.

Consequently breeders are often faced with a limited number of breeding age dogs, so please consider carefully before committing to de-sexing your Clumber from us. Some dogs are just not of sufficient quality to warrant breeding from or you may not have the appropriate facilities, but still please advise us of your intentions when making a booking. It would disadvantage the breed if we inadvertently placed a better breed representative with you if you had it de-sexed immediately for no other reason than you did not believe your living conditions were adequate for keeping the bitch secure during a mating season or allowed your dog to roam.

We wish to also remind you some Clumbers have reacted badly to barbiturate anaesthetic induction, and several cases of death have been reported over the years, throughout the world.

And if you want to know about the consequences on health and life span if you de-sex, please do an internet search!