continued from part one

– We have had many years experience with this breed and our achievements demonstrate our programmes at work, as do the healthy and happy individuals we have sold over the years to numerous people throughout Australia and in several parts of the world.

– While we rarely let “pick of the litter” go, just consider how many generations are behind the Clumber you are considering purchasing from us that are “pick of the litter” themselves.

– Our pups are raised along lines compatible with the forebears of the modern Clumber and on diets that raised these many generations, we run all pups on until they are at least four months old, raising them on fresh and healthy meat and cereal and in a country atmosphere.

– In us, personally, you have some powerful knowledge and experience of the breed, people prepared to help and guide, and Jan Irving has published two important books for the breed and also edits the international magazine. We have trialled many years of raising and feeding and now are more than confident about the success of the current programmes, however, we are constantly monitoring the programmes and tweaking any improvements.

– We are dedicated to breeding strong and healthy Clumbers, and our commitment includes a large kennel of healthy dogs living good ages (E Keeper reached 12 years, Ch E Myth celebrates her 13th birthday in April 2001 and we have a number past 10 years at the moment, plus the golden lady Ch Leybel Lleyse 15 years on January 8th 2001); this success we believe is a result of our commitment to physically strong and healthy dogs, of correct breed type, raised on fresh food in a country setting.

– We have set up and stuck to a list of protocol we feel will contribute to the success of the Clumber, eg diet, exercise, soundness of conformation, breeding to match the written and published breed standard, breeding only sparingly from individuals, working closely with recognized health schemes, learning about health issues and investigating their genetic and environmental triggers for the Clumber, networking with the most successful of breeders across the globe.