Erinveine Assessor

callname: Sess
whelped: 24 September 2008
gender: female
breeder: Dr H & Miss J Irving
owner: Mrs Bronwyn Simpson, Australia
registration number: 3100210726
sire: AuCH AuGrandCH Erinveine Judge
dam: AuCH Abbyford Rocket (impUK)

Official health screening results


Homozygous normal – clear both parents are PDP1def clear (test date: 00 00 0000)


AuCH AuGrandCH Erinveine Judge AuCH USCH CaCH SeCH SeV-01 Clussexx Life Down Under (impUSA) USCH CaCH First Dawn at Tavirosh (impUK) USJH USWD USCGC USTD1
USCH CaCH Tanelorns Foolin Around
AuCH Erinveine Charter AuCH Erinveine Union Jack
Erinveine Tatler
AuCH Abbyford Rocket (impUK) AuCH Abbyford Taw (UK) Sedgehurst Hawkridge
Abbyford Celebration Kiss
Abbyford Shilley Sedgehurst Hawkridge
Abbyford Celebration Kiss


no wins are recorded here as the records from ANZ Results currently don’t reach this far back or the dog has not been entered on that database


Some snippets from Sess’s diary and life

(added on: 13 March 2009) IN HER NEW HOME

You’ll notice that we’ve changed Sess’s name. Figured it might be easier with “yes”.
At the moment both Sessa and Jasper (adult GSP) are sleeping in the ensuite. Lucky us! Put them in the run the first night and you would have thought a soprano was being strangled slowly! Since than Sessa has been much better last night was 5 minutes again at 12.30 for about 3 minutes. Not bad I’d think you’d agree. We think Jasper may have been a bit of a bully boy and was not letting her into bed part of run, so this has given us more control over both of them at night. Easy to speak “quiet” when they are just next door. We’ll be putting them back into run Friday night as long as no wind/fire danger.

I’d say yesterday was her first really settled day here. Had a nice walk I’d forgotten what it was like to walk 2 dogs who wanted to go different directions. Poor Jasper had Sessa walking under his body and constantly pushing him off course. He kept looking at me as if to say “What’s her problem?” but there was no ill will at all.She was very interesting to watch for her firsts! First couple of cars that came along she would sit and wouldn’t move until she had absorbed what they were. She was the same with the first couple of trucks, a truck reversing (beep beep), dogs barking and her first horse! It was great because when she was satisfied, up she would get and move on. At no time did she show fear, more like curiosity.

Missy our cat was fine until Sessa decided to lick her face. Sessa got a hiss and 2 quick swipes. Other than that they are getting on fine. She finds the fish tank very interesting and for some reason likes to sleep under our coffee table. She’s already learnt “out”, as in we’re going in dogs are outside for now. She’s getting the hang of mat, they have their own specials mats to lie on. We don’t make them lie on them all the time but it is handy when people are over or I’m cooking tea. “Sit” is great, thanks for your work on that.

Feeding is being done in the run and have left both in there yesterday for 2 hours while I went out. They had a kong each and by all neighbours reports did well. I’m pretty sure the first night was just being out of her home but we’re slowly making her happy with our run. She’s quite content to run in and out of it herself during the day so we must be doing something right!

She is the softest dog I’ve ever meet, both in feel and temperament. She did growl at my neighbours today but than later we heard thunder so maybe that was it. Will keep an eye on that though. Otherwise she is beautiful and thanks for letting us have her. She’s eating well toilet training well except for when Dale was in charge last night and forgot to take her out. Oh well. Does have excitement/scared wees but that will come with settling in.

We went to the vet today. She weighs 14.1 kilos. Big sook walked into vets but wouldn’t walk into examination room so Josh carried her (no school again today) and than laid happily on exam table and rolled over for belly rub. Vet most impressed.
– Bron S


there are no progeny on the Erinveine database as yet

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