Erinveine Osberton

callname: Ossie
whelped: 20 June 2000
gender: male
breeder: Dr H & Miss J Irving
owner: J & J Osborn, New Zealand
registration number: 3100064267
sire: AuCH USCH CaCH SeCH SeV-01 Clussexx Life Down Under (impUSA)
dam: AuCH Erinveine Hardwick
died: 07 October 2014 immediate cause of death: age underlying causes: degeneration of his lower spine, his sight and sound are not the best but man there’s absolutely NOTHING wrong with his taste and smell

Official health screening results

no tests have been undertaken


AuCH USCH CaCH SeCH SeV-01 Clussexx Life Down Under (impUSA) USCH CaCH First Dawn at Tavirosh (impUK) USJH USWD USCGC USTD1 Belcrum Golden Pheasant at Tavirosh
Dawn Dancer
USCH CaCH Tanelorns Foolin Around USCH Smokerise Country Gentleman
CaCH Tanelorn’s Maggie Muggins CaTT
AuCH Erinveine Hardwick Erinveine Esquire AuCH Erinveine Union Jack
AuCH Erinveine Xerox
Erinveine Via Tanybryn AuCH Erinveine Privilege
AuCH Erinveine Overture


no wins are recorded here as the records from ANZ Results currently don’t reach this far back or the dog has not been entered on that database


Some snippets from Ossie’s diary and life


Dear Aussie Mum

I’ve been asking Mum to help me out with this message for ages now and
at last she’s got fingers to keyboard!

Firstly, Merry Christmas to you, your Mum and all the Clumbers and
Corgis from Mum, Dad, Truffs and I. Things are fine over here although
I’ve been a bit off colour lately. Mum’s had me at the Vets a couple of
times as I’ve been limping on and off and the other day I did a big
Hollywood in the park as I hurt myself. Everyone was so concerned that
I lay on my back and let them rub my tummy to make me feel better!! Mum
said I shouldn’t carry on like that as it obviously didn’t hurt too bad
if I was able to roll over – what does she know, it was my hurt! Anyway
the Vet has said I must rest and not go walkies for a couple of weeks –
it’s awful, I’m bored stiff – haven’t limped or squeaked for days now so
hopefully I’m getting better and I’ll be let off for good behaviour.
Truffs is none too impressed either. Mum can’t take her for a walk
without me because I’d perform, so she’s having to wait for Dad to come
home before Mum can sneak her out and leave me behind. They think I
don’t know what they’re doing – what do they think I am, a complete

Just one other thing I wish to mention. While all those smart Clumbers
on your side of the ditch are winning prizes for being the best this and
the best that – especially that one who one a big prize for jumping.
What’s so clever about that – I do it all the time, on the furniture, on
the bench and all I get is a clip around the ear. Anyways up – I’m
going to be famous too – I’m going to appear in a book. Unfortunately
it’s not coming out until September, and Mum’s had to sign some papers
saying she won’t use the photograph, so I’ll just have to wait for my
moment of glory but it’ll come, mark my words! Meanwhile Mum’s
attaching the photos of both Truffs and I for you to see. It’s doubtful
Truffs will be in the book, Rachel, the photographer, just took her
photo so Mum and Dad could have a matching pair. Don’t we look good?
Mum says butter wouldn’t melt – not sure what she means – but I do think
we look quite cute.

Must go and help Mum get our dinner. Happy New Year. Love Ossie xxx


there are no progeny on the Erinveine database as yet

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